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02 February 2006 @ 04:50 pm
ANTM 6 Info & Janice D  
Haven't seen this posted and since we're on the ANTM 6 topic thought I'd post this article here for yall's pleasure lol. And something about Janice Dickinson after the article ;) Hehe, we get to see her wild side!

Another Top Model Starts in March
from here

Written by: Ellen Wernecke

The highly rated UPN series returns in March for at least two more seasons.

Nature abhors a vacuum — even on the runway.

UPN has ordered two more cycles of Tyra Banks' reality-TV foray America's Next Top Model, guaranteeing its run through 2007.

The program, which features 13 want-to-be models cohabitating and competing for a $100,000 modeling contract and an Elle photo spread, will resume on March 8 with its sixth cycle.

Fifth-cycle winner Nicole Linkletter is current on the cover of Elle Girl, and she recently made U.S. Magazine's "Look of the Week" for a chic red-carpet ensemble. Former winners Yoanna House and Adrianne Curry have also found their own niches on television: House (season 2's winner) as the host of a show on the Style Network and Curry (season 1's champ) on VH-1's The Surreal Life and My Fair Brady.
,br> Judges Nigel Barker, Twiggy, runway trainer J. Alexander, and photo shoot director Jay Manuel will also return to the show, while former judge Janice Dickinson jumps into her own spotlight on the Oxygen Network's The Janice Dickinson Project.

There has been no announcement about the place of Top Model within the UPN-WB merger, which was announced earlier this week; however, the show's high ratings and the pre-existing contract make it likely that Banks' starmaker will find a place on the new network.

Oh lord...The Janice Dickinson Project??? lmao I did a google search for it and here's what I found:

Oxygen Announces "The Janice Dickinson Project" - Former 'Top Model' judge moves out on her own
from here

(Dec. 28) NEW YORK -- Get ready to see a side of one of America's first supermodels that no one's seen before in 'The Janice Dickinson Project (Working Title),' a reality series that follows Janice Dickinson ('America's Next Top Model') as she makes the transformation from model to mogul by starting her own Hollywood modeling agency. The series is scheduled to debut Spring 2006.

The 10-episode series from Krasnow Productions and FremantleMedia North America offers viewers an intimate view into Dickinson's life as she tackles the grueling work of starting her own business and teaching a new generation of aspiring models the business from the ground up. Viewers watch as Dickinson juggles motherhood, champions her new models, and tries to run a profitable agency -- all while dealing with skepticism from the industry she helped to define. The show goes beyond Dickinson's runway persona to show a woman on the verge of a new phase in her career and determined to redefine American beauty.

"We love Janice because she's the quintessential Oxygen personality.

She's outrageous, in command and bigger than life. And there's nothing one note about her. She's a real person with dimension to her character. In this series we see a warm side of her with heart.

We also see that she's a true expert in her field," says Debby Beece, Oxygen President of Programming. "She's starting a new business with all its challenges, while trying to be a good mom and guide new models through a tough business. It's a balancing act for her and it's fascinating to watch her as she goes through it."

Seeking an untraditional and unique look, Dickinson auditions over 500 aspiring models. Drawing on her years of experience in the industry, Dickinson mentors candidates on look, style and composure, even taking their photos personally. Finally, she narrows the search to five models who become the first to be signed by her agency.

Stuart Krasnow for Krasnow Productions, and Janice Dickinson serve as executive producers for the series. Janice Dickinson, credited as one of the world's "first supermodels," is a model and photographer who was most recently seen as a judge on 'America's Next Top Model.'

Press information courtesy of Oxygen
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